Fortune 500 Consultant turned

Marketing Strategist &

Human Design Oracle

I help spiritually-activated entrepreneurs upgrade their marketing & grow their business to the next level Based on Their Exact Birth Time

No More One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

Most business & marketing advice doesn’t take into account the most unique & important part of your business: you.

So, you end up:

  • Working around the clock — only to feel like you’re some “best kept secret” or stuck at a plateau
  • Wasting precious time, money, & energy on strategies that deep down just aren’t right for you.
  • Feeling like something’s wrong or missing while watching others succeed
  • Stressing about launches, campaigns, next steps, & how to grow
  • Feeling tremendous pressure, uncertainty, & anxiety about how to get to the next level
  • Disillusioned & disappointed that you keep achieving less than you know you’re capable of

But growing your business doesn’t have to be so confusing, stressful, or hard. There are a lot of different paths to success, but there’s only one that’s correct for you.

A custom Blueprint for success

Once you discover & follow your unique blueprint… You’ll see just how fast & simple it can be to grow the business you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s why the Entrepreneur Code™ is highly-customized to you:

It uses Human Design & your exact time of birth to reveal (12) keys that will help you unlock your best path to greater success, income, & impact.

Including your:

  • Entrepreneur Type — your personality, strengths, & weaknesses as an entrepreneur
  • Business Model — your best business model for maximum income & impact
  • Success Strategy — the (1) strategy for you that will lead you to success every time
  • Purpose — your unique purpose & how that’s expressed in your life & business
  • Offer — the best offer for you to sell, & the best way to market & sell it

You’ll even learn the biggest vulnerabilities holding you back from success — so that you can avoid failure & fast-track your success.

Once you understand how you’re uniquely designed to grow & thrive as an entrepreneur, success is inevitable.

Hey! I’m Idia…

A customer-obsessed digital marketer & Human Design Oracle with a passion for helping entrepreneurs grow meaningful brands online.

I quit my corporate career as a Senior Business Analyst for a top Fortune 500 company to transform lives & make a real difference in the world.

Along the way, I married my soulmate, found a path towards enlightenment

And became obsessed with all things related to copywriting, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, divine feminine embodiment, & Human Design.

And for almost a decade, I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs:

  • 5X their customer base — in just (8) months
  • Quadruple conversion rates
  • Sell out launches

And consistently attract more dream clients & customers in a way that aligns with their purpose & fills them up.

But more than that?

I’ve helped them step into their power, own their unique magic, & share their gifts & stories in a way that elevates their brand, skyrockets their income, & attracts raving, VIP fans — for life.

The best brands in the world have an incredible story to tell.

Let me help you tell yours

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Choose your starting point

There are a few ways that I can help you grow your business, but the best way to fast-track your business success is to get started by discovering your Entrepreneur Code™ with an Entrepreneur Code™ codebook or reading

Get Your Codebook

A highly-custom, digital, downloadable report that includes:

  • 60+ pages of key insights to help you thrive as an entrepreneur
  • Your greatest strengths, weaknesses, & your best path to success
  • Your best business model, success strategy, & offer to maximize your income & impact

Book A Reading

A 60-min, 1-on-1 call designed to help you:

  • Dive deeper into your Entrepreneur Code™ Codebook with expert guidance, so that you can grow your business — in less time
  • Discover your ideal avatar, brand voice, & message based on your time of birth so that your marketing campaigns convert higher and work more consistently.
  • Uncover how to apply your Entrepreneur Code™ so that you can shortcut your path to success

**Includes an Entrepreneur Code™ Codebook

Trusted By Conscious Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Over 150+ 5 Star Reviews & Success Stories

From $20k months to consistent $100k+ months…

I’ve been at this big transition…

Santos gave me actionable steps to move from sporadic $20k a month to consistent $100k+ months…

Santos helps people understand their own entrepreneur profile, and exactly the steps you need to move up the ladder in your business…

He has a very straight forward system

If you’re an entrepreneur getting to that next level…

I would recommend working with him.
Ian M.
Sales Coach & Consultant
I was hesitant, but unlocked the next level…

“[Before booking] I was a bit hesitant..

Once we dove in, I was immediately put at ease and wowed by Santos’s expertise and maturity. He is a phenomenal listener with an astute mastery of Flow. He created a powerful conversation that helped me get real with my business, get clear on my goals, commit to making it happen, and understand exactly what steps are right for me based on my unique [Entrepreneur Type].

I wholeheartedly recommend you book a [session]. The process he takes you through and the way in which he does it will unlock your next level of flow – no matter what. If you are even a little curious, just do it. Your future self will thank you.”
James Cruzen
Leadership Coach
A million dollar business strategy

“[Before the call] I had some reservations, but knowing Santos before hand I was like well, why don’t you give it a try. [My fear] was just that is it too good to be true?

[The session] was really powerful…Santos was able to ask some really deep questions…and completely shift my mind…I never saw it that way!

Now it’s a possibility that I can think about and pursue.

[This strategy] absolutely can help me make a million dollars this year.

And more importantly it feels natural for me to do this.
Jing C.
Investor & Entrepreneur

Look What Others Are Saying

From $150 to $400 an hour

“When I first came to Santos I was coming in with just having a lot of ideas. Just way too many things…

With him he helped me find my strategy

The cool thing about Santos, is he knows your language [/Entrepreneur Code], & where you are at in your journey with just a few questions and from there he’s able to find a strategy and the next step you need in order to help you expand and grow..

He knows what he’s doing, and he’s going to take you far.
Karla R.

Completely Transformed my Business

The fastest path to success

I value my time very highly…I was interested but I was like, “Man. This is huge chunk of time”

[But] I get the best value out of things that really high-value, experienced entrepreneurs refer to me, so I was willing to just trust the process…

There’s a ton that I got out of it. I definitely recommend it because if you want to grow your business…if you want to really be an entrepreneur at the next level that you’re looking at…the barrier is you. Always. Period. End of story.

So when you invest in understanding yourselfthat’s what’s going to the move the needle…it’s something I highly recommend”
Michelle A.
Head Coach at Richer Every Day

The wrong business model!

“I feel so jazzed because I have so much clarity on my business…

He helped me understand what really lights me up, and what energizes me.

I realized I was focusing on the wrong [business] model!

He also walked me through a [marketing strategy] that I can walk my customers through.

What he’ll be able to do is to really zoom out on your business & help you to create a strategy that will not just get you profitable, but will also light you up and give you energy.

Please do not hesitate to work with him right now!
Emily H.
Life Coach

Ready to Grow To the next Level?

Get precise, clear business & marketing direction on how to grow your business based on your unique Entrepreneur Code™.